Like Mama Used To Make
October 2019

How to create a powerful restaurant brand and execute a flawless grand opening promotion

How to create an effective web presence and promote the opening of a restaurant to achieve traction from the very first day.


Branding, Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Paid Ads


Google, Facebook

Result 1

Increase in Traffic on Social Media Pages

Result 2

Click-Through Rate on Google

Project Overview

The situation

We joined the project when it was in the early stages, and there was only the idea of opening a restaurant. The challenge was to create a strong web presence to obtain a successful start and invest less in promotion in the long run.

The budget

The first contact took place for the simple elaboration of the logo, then WEM took over marketing and focused first on developing the site, graphics, layout of the menu, expansion of the shop window and entrance graphics, and initial strategy for social media campaigns. Thanks to our business models, we were able to present a quote with a cost below the market average while ensuring the utmost effectiveness in meeting the client’s expectations.


The solution

The challenge for WEM was to create an effective brand that could effectively position itself in the market. We worked in synergy between the departments, finding a name that could contain the idea of the business and at the same time was functional for search engines:

  • “Like mama used to make” is a phrase that a very famous Italian chef often says in UK broadcasts
  • “Like mama used to make” had untapped potential on search engines
  • “Like mama used to make”, we use it to make pages with recipes that the chef creates in the restaurant, so we create content for social media, and in the meantime, we exploit the potential on search engines
  • “Like mama used to make” is perfect for an Italian restaurant with traditional cuisine in the UK

For the logo to connect, we had to think of something that was the most international. We undertook various tests until we reached our goal, also developing the design of the entrance of the restaurant.

Like Mama Used to Make - Restaurant Entrance


Our process for promoting a restaurant:

  • Market research focusing on competitors:
    Before moving into the operational, we conducted in-depth market research and analysis of trends and competition. We strongly recommend to our clients to start with an in-depth analysis to seize the opportunity and position the brand in the best way possible. The market, technologies and customer behaviours change quickly. Moreover, competitors are born daily. The market analysis was important for both the client and WEM, and it helped to identify the competitive landscape, optimise the marketing strategy and brand positioning.

The analysis consisted of:

  • Market Analysis, strategy elaboration and Brand Positioning.
  • Logo Creation.
  • Web Design and Development according to identified strategy.
  • WEM created a simple yet effective website. It ranks for local SEO and appears on the most relevant searches for the business.

Set of Facebook and Instagram accounts and campaign strategy:

WEM ran a series of paid campaigns using Facebook and Instagram, focusing on generating brand awareness in the area surrounding the restaurant.


The results

Opening of the restaurant:

  • Social media promotion (1 week)
    With only £70 invested in the paid promotion on Facebook and Instagram, using content developed specifically for the opening, we have reached a high number of potential clients and direct 25% of them on the website.

Facebook Ads - Reach

  • Positioning on search engines
    After only 30 days from the elaboration of the site, during the opening week, 124 searches related to the restaurant were registered:

Google Search Console - First Month

  • After 8 months from the launch of the restaurant, the website receives constant visits, with an average CTR of 27.5%


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Matteo Ciminari

They are very meticulous about every aspects regarding my website. Always very attentive to my needs, they are constantly developing new ideas and strategies for placing my website on the top of search engines. Very friendly, easy and quick communication. Definitely Recommend!

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Sabrina di Mauro

The service is excellent, over and beyond the task for what I asked their help. They are kind and committed, at time giving me the courage to believe in my own project. High recommended if you are looking for a wonderful way to improve the volume of your business in a professional and safe manner. I am still been helped by WEM and I have no intention of stopping using their services.


Ily Mataj

WEM Agency has acted with the highest professional standards, going above and beyond the call of duty on many occasions in order to protect my position as a client, at WEM Agency you can find the most high-profile professionals, the quality is one of their biggest assurance goal!

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