Fiorella Rossi
April 2023

How to Create a Successful Fashion Brand - From Ecommerce to an Integrated Marketing Strategy

Discover the journey of an Italian artisanal cashmere knitwear workshop as it becomes an international fashion brand through the implementation of eCommerce, marketing, and seasonal promotion strategies.


Branding, eCommerce, Marketing strategies, promotions


Etsy, Woocommerce, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google

Result 1

ROI of the first temporary online store

Result 2

Organic visibility on search engines in 3 months

Project Overview

The Situation

Through the son of Fiorella Rossi, one of our clients living in London, we had the opportunity to visit the workshop of the Italian artisan. Noticing the high quality of her products, the attention to detail, dedication, and great passion for her work, we recognized the potential to develop an internationally renowned fashion brand.

Our main challenge was to create a complete and successful fashion brand from a limited budget.

The Budget

Having not sought any government funding, the available budget came exclusively from Fiorella Rossi's local business, making it rather limited.


The Solution

To overcome budget constraints, we created a step-by-step growth strategy, reinvesting a percentage of the short-term sales revenue into subsequent operations.

The Development

Step 1: Launching a Virtual Store on Etsy

Initially, we created a virtual store on the Etsy platform, which involved minimal development costs. We then invested most of the budget in content production, such as product photos and promotional photoshoots, using part of these contents on Etsy.

The sales generated on Etsy provided a larger budget, which was reinvested in the creation of the main ecommerce platform, social media channel development, and short-term operations.

Step 2: Developing Ecommerce and Social Media Marketing Strategy

Using the previously created content, we developed the ecommerce platform and planned the editorial calendar for social media. During this phase, we also launched targeted advertising campaigns on social media to increase brand visibility and generate interest in Fiorella's products.

With the first version of the ecommerce platform still needing optimization and product photos of suboptimal quality, we focused our efforts on improving visibility in search engines.

Step 3: Seasonal Promotions and Continuous Optimization

Since the brand produces cashmere and merino wool knitwear, sales were not expected during the spring and summer months in the northern hemisphere. Therefore, we organized paid promotions in selected areas of the southern hemisphere. We analyzed countries with higher demand and lower supply, such as Australia and New Zealand, to ensure effective and targeted investment.

In the meantime, we continued to optimize the ecommerce platform, grow social media channels, and plan the next collection. Additionally, we closely monitored social media engagement data and user behavior on the website to identify areas for improvement and create more engaging content for our audience.

Thanks to the generated budget, we were able to provide an improved version of the ecommerce platform in time for the launch of the next collection, ensuring steady growth for the fashion brand.

The Results

  • The temporary store on Etsy generated an 800% return on investment, providing a sufficient budget for the development of the ecommerce platform and social media channels.
  • Ecommerce optimization for search engines led to a 1425% increase in organic visibility in just 3 months, generating a number of orders capable of supporting subsequent growth operations.
  • Our efforts on social media resulted in a 350% increase in followers in the first six months, further improving brand visibility and creating a solid base of loyal customers.
  • Seasonal promotions in the southern hemisphere helped maintain a steady flow of sales even during the months when demand was low in the northern hemisphere.

Thanks to this step-by-step growth strategy, Fiorella Rossi successfully expanded her workshop and transformed her artisanal knitwear brand into an internationally successful fashion label. Despite budget constraints, the combination of ecommerce, marketing, and seasonal promotions allowed for lasting and sustainable success in the fashion industry.


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