November 2020

How to increase visibility on social networks and triple engagement rate

Efficiently optimise social media to increase visibility and engagement.


Social Media Optimisation


Facebook and Instagram

Result Number 1

Increase in Facebook Page Likes

Result Number 2

Increase in People Reached on Facebook and Instagram

Project Overview

The situation

The customer managed his Facebook and Instagram pages independently, obtaining good results, providing interesting and high-quality content. With the initial analysis of the client’s social media pages, we identified several opportunities for optimisation that could have provided greater visibility and engagement.

The budget

Thanks to our development models, we managed to stay below the market average, presenting a quote that satisfied the customer.


The solution

We start with an in-depth analysis to develop a detailed report of other potential activities that could have had a positive impact on the brand’s growth. We opted for strengthening the brand identity, creating a simple yet effective website that could be used as a channel of communication with the client’s audience.

The development

Our process to increase visibility for this project:

  • Audience Analysis
    The first step was to analyse in detail the current audience on the client’s channels. Understanding who you are referring to and which part of the public interacts the most, and trying to empathise with them, allows a better focus for the subsequent phases to optimise the return on investment.

  • Social Optimisation Strategy
    We created a report with precise instructions on what had to be done to obtain the desired results.

  • Daily Presence Protocol
    To grow on social networks, it is also important to be present, interacting with others through your pages.Thanks to our protocol, we established the procedures to be carried out daily, calculating what had to be done to achieve the maximum result with minimum effort. It was only necessary to invest 30 minutes a day. Basically: we indicated the precise moments during the day in which interacting with the public would increase the brand’s visibility.

  • Growth of Interactions
    To improve interactions, we created “parallel formats” and pre-established content to be published on certain days of the month.
  • Connecting to similar pages and partnerships
    For some types of businesses, seeking and creating partnerships with “competitors” is a great way to grow.


The results

5 Minutes of consideration on a well-known national Italian TV program

La7 Propagandatop - Architerror Participation in National TV Channel


Facebook - Results after WEM optimisation


Instagram - Results after WEM optimisation


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Matteo Ciminari

They are very meticulous about every aspects regarding my website. Always very attentive to my needs, they are constantly developing new ideas and strategies for placing my website on the top of search engines. Very friendly, easy and quick communication. Definitely Recommend!

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Sabrina di Mauro

The service is excellent, over and beyond the task for what I asked their help. They are kind and committed, at time giving me the courage to believe in my own project. High recommended if you are looking for a wonderful way to improve the volume of your business in a professional and safe manner. I am still been helped by WEM and I have no intention of stopping using their services.


Ily Mataj

WEM Agency has acted with the highest professional standards, going above and beyond the call of duty on many occasions in order to protect my position as a client, at WEM Agency you can find the most high-profile professionals, the quality is one of their biggest assurance goal!

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