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January 2020

How to promote a new business and design a successful brand

How to promote a new business in the UK, creating a successful brand on a low budget.


Branding, Advertising and Search Engine Optimization


Google and Facebook Ads

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ROI on Advertising Budget

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Project Overview

The situation

The client had just launched her business, and the only acquisition channel to find new customers was Facebook Ads. The client experienced high costs and low ROI on campaigns as the content produced for both ads and website had no consistent visual identity, thus lowering the chances of conversion.

The challenge for WEM and the client was to create a solid and consistent corporate Visual Identity that could transmit professionalism and trust, drastically increasing the efficiency and profitability of the campaigns while reducing costs.

The budget

The client had a limited budget for both ads and website; therefore, every euro invested had to yield great results. We agreed to spread the project over several months in order to fit it into the initial budget allocated by the client.


The solution

Create a logo that reflects the customer’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and includes the distinctive elements of the company, and then create a website on which the traffic from paid advertising campaigns (mainly Facebook Ads) could land and convert. WEM also performed SEO optimisation, allowing the client to reach customers organically while learning to rely less on paid advertising.

The development

Our process to create a successful brand:

  • Company logo creation
    The logo is composed of an image representing a tie, a symbol of professionalism, and the text “BRITALY”, which is a combination of Britannia and Italy, the two markets in which the agency is operating. A very dark slate grey was chosen as the background and a gold colour for the logo, which provides an elegant and sleek look

  • Search Engine Optimisation strategy for Google positioning
    An optimisation strategy was developed to obtain and increase visibility on Google. WEM redesigned promotional campaigns using Facebook Ads to acquire initial traffic. The initial traffic helped the website increase relevance, authority and trust, so the Google Algorithm started to position the website higher up in the search results

  • Website creation
    WEM offered the client 20 Web Designs to choose from.Once the choice was made, WEM flawlessly developed the WordPress website using Elementor, providing the best SEO layout possible to create a solid base line for SEO.

  • Development of Facebook Ads advertising campaigns, for customer research.
    Out of the many channels available, we chose to initially focus on Facebook, which presents the audience most in line with the desired target audience. The use of LinkedIn was also considered, but after a cost analysis, WEM decided, together with the client, to focus exclusively on Facebook Ads.

Why Facebook Ads and not Google Ads?

The low budget led us to make the choice of focusing our efforts on a platform that allowed us to receive a great initial boost, with a concise budget, not only in terms of spending but also the setup and testing.


The results

  • After the testing phase for promotional campaigns, we found that one week of sponsorships per month was enough to acquire a sufficient number of customers that could be efficiently handled by the client.
  • We achieved an astonishing 500% ROI within the first 4 months.

After just over a year, without an off-page SEO growth strategy, and only thanks to the on-page SEO optimisation, the data on search engines show us that 100 potential customers are acquired per month without having to invest in advertising.

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Matteo Ciminari

They are very meticulous about every aspects regarding my website. Always very attentive to my needs, they are constantly developing new ideas and strategies for placing my website on the top of search engines. Very friendly, easy and quick communication. Definitely Recommend!

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Sabrina di Mauro

The service is excellent, over and beyond the task for what I asked their help. They are kind and committed, at time giving me the courage to believe in my own project. High recommended if you are looking for a wonderful way to improve the volume of your business in a professional and safe manner. I am still been helped by WEM and I have no intention of stopping using their services.


Ily Mataj

WEM Agency has acted with the highest professional standards, going above and beyond the call of duty on many occasions in order to protect my position as a client, at WEM Agency you can find the most high-profile professionals, the quality is one of their biggest assurance goal!

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